What is Beauty

What is Beauty

          According to Hindu mythology Seetha the Heroine of great epic Ramayana was the most  gorgeous woman. Its not only Ravana who inspired by her beauty and compelled her to marry him but also Jayantha the son of Lord Indira did the same

When Rama rescued Sita from Ravana they were in need  to rush back to Ayodya as they were completed their fourteen years of forest life and if they delay even one day, Bharatha the younger  brother of  Rama will fire up himself as he promised . Many ladies of Kishkinda , who lost their husbands in the battle between Rama and Ravana wished to see Seetha as they heard much about the beauty of Seetha . But Rama and Seetha was in a hurry they can’t spend time with them at the same time Seetha wants to satisfy the wish of the ladies who sacrificed lot for her, so by her request Rama ordered the vehicle carrying them to fly lower which was flying high on the sky ,so that the vanara ladies can see her.

I expected they would be in great surprise to see a  beautiful human lady who was brought up as princess ,  as  humans don’t mention monkeys to describe about  beauty among animal, but to my surprise they were not excited much as they felt she’s good but she didn’t have a tail. They are not ready to accept her beauty without a tail.

Beauty has different definition for different persons.  There’s nothing in the world as this are all beauty and these are all not. It all depends on the attitude of the people. Whether I am looking beautiful or not depends on my thoughts and any third person has nothing to do with it. Everyone  and everything in nature is beautiful .

Thank you for the beautiful peoples for reading this.


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