Al Hoota Cave – A Memorable Trip


After Eid holidays( 11th to 15th September) , news about Al Hoota Cave occupied a special space in all newspapers and magazines in Oman. Its because of the visitors it had during the holidays. Al Hoota the two million years old cave is located in foothills of the Hajar Mountains in Tanuf valley is  a nature’s gift to  Oman.  It was mentioned in newspapers that the cave received nearly 13000 visitors in Eid holidays. I am happy that we are also one among them.

Our trip to Al Hoota is an all time memory for us. We together six families booked ticket in net on Saturday itself for Sunday 11th September 11.30am .  But after getting  there we found we can’t visit the cave on the time we booked, atleast we got the tickets as we booked it earlier.

As the cave was reopened only on 5th September 2016 after nearly four years, Al Hoota Cave became the first place of visit for everyone in Oman for Eid holidays. But the waiting time didn’t became boring time, as we have places there to spend time worthy.

There was an excellent museum that explains details about the cave as how it was formed, and the special species living in it. The museum also has technologies that explains us easily about the formation of earth’s surface and how its changing upon as millions of years. According to me its must to visit the museum before visiting the cave, so that we can have some knowledge about the cave that will enable us to enjoy the wonders of the cave wholly.
There’s also a small play area for children, our children enjoyed the most in it. There’s a food court to care us not to become so hungry as we have to walk long distance inside the cave. But we actually don’t need it as we already packed the food we need during the visit

Then what next , we all were fully prepared to enter the big wonder of the nature.


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