Behaviour- How it is build

Whenever I came across any incident or news about a  child’s achievement or any bad behaviour of a child , it remembers me  a song from a good old flim of our language . The line tells, ‘ each child that comes to earth is very good at the time of birth, whether it’s becoming good or bad in character is from the way the mother bringing up the child’ . Its very true as a mother I always believe in those lines, but as a part of the society I feel the circumstances in which the child is living also plays half of it role.

            Recently I saw a video that explains the living condition of the children in slum area. They do work for daily wages, they’re not getting proper education. They hardly have time to think or dream about a colourful future. What will be the character of the children living on those circumstances, when asked about there future ambition they told they likes to dominate others . Very few interested in studies and led a happy life. Under this circumstances an  NGO at the place wants to encourage those children on studies.

           They inspired the children by naming the street of their area with the name of a child who does well in her studies and also in extra curricular activities. They did the naming ceremony as a function by calling a chief guest, this inspire other children as they also has to do well in there education so there name also will be kept for a street in their area. Very inspiring move that has to be appreciated. Congratulations and thank you to them.


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