Humanity Wins

Today as the first day of Navarathiri , the more auspicious day among Hindus, my morning started with very important news from a daily newspaper in Oman. Its actually very needed article at this time, thanks to the writer. The article is about the good relationship between Indians and Pakistanis in Oman. Some Indians and Pakistanis has shared there experience about good relationship with each other. Yes its true in spite of any discrimination Indians and Pakistanis are very friendly in Oman.

I also felt that,  As myself and my friend used to purchase dresses from a shop owned by a Pakistani lady. She will be having some unique collection of dresses from Pakistan which we like the most. She is very friendly to us and till this day we never felt that we are from different countries.  And also I always heard only good words from my husband about his work experience with Pakistanis. Firstly we all are humans and earth is our home.  We see and love each other only as humans.

Thanks to Oman for letting us to live a peaceful life in this peaceful country.



4 thoughts on “Humanity Wins

  1. You are correct as history proves that it is always a few that decides the fate of the masses. No Subba, am in Bahrain on a project and going back to India next month to settle back in Kochi.

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