Al Hoota Cave – Oman

Journey to Al Hoota Cave starts with a small travel in an electric train . As usual as Oman is giving preference to safety they ensure whether everyone is seated properly before starting the only electric train in Oman. Its only a few minutes journey in the train to the cave. As soon as the train leave us at the entrance our excitement to see the nature’s treasure starts to rise multiple times.  There are  guides inside the cave to give us information about  the greatness of one of the  wonders of Oman . The cave has three entrance, in that the way used by the visitors is artificial. The original entrance of the cave is highlighted with serial bulbs, but no one is allowed through it as it is difficult way.

Artificial way has been set up by the  Oman tourism development for us to walk inside the cave. Sitting arrangements has also made inside if we want to rest a while , when walking 500 meters inside the cave . Any natural lover will love the place, its a gift of nature to Oman.

The highlight of Al Hoota Cave is the Lion shape Rock. Its a huge rock looking similar to a roaring lion. Above it was an elephant shaped small rock. We can find some rocks that resembles some figure of our imagination. There was a pool inside the cave that’s the place where our journey inside the cave ends and we have to return back.

On the whole Al Hoota Cave is a wonderful place that will excite from children to elders. Our children got a new experience and this travel make them to understand the value of the nature.


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