Trust the base of Life

Trust  the most powerful word , the base of life. Trust is the base of any relationship. Trust is a powerful weapon, that need to be handled properly. If rightly handled trust makes everything possible in life, But if it is reversed the same will destroy the whole life. Trust is very essential for a successful life,  but whom or what we have to trust  decides our success. Trusting everyone gives us disappointments, trusting no one makes us alone.

Our personality is decided based on the trust we are creating with the people around us. If trust is lost everything will be lost.  Trust is the essence of happy living. Let’s create more trust with people around us for healthy and happy living.



8 thoughts on “Trust the base of Life

  1. Your post has got me considering this more deeply than I expected. I would like to return once I can gather my thoughts into some sort order, but my initial reaction is that I agree with George. One one hand there is a fine, but definite line separating personality traits and character traits in a person. On the other, trust is a huge thing for people and being trustworthy, doesn’t mean you are trusting back.
    Thank you for this thought provoking post

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