Stop advising Girls

As world Girl Child day was celebrated recently I read an article related to it. The article about how to save and protect  girl children from the menace around them. The article is like an advice to the parents of girl children.  It gives the statistics of crimes against girls and advised how careful parents should be in bringing up their girl children.

Even though it is about safety of girl children , as a woman or mother of girl children the article doesn’t  satisfy me.  I felt why the advises are only for girls.  Why a girl necessarily want to learn martial arts if she don’t like to learn it. What’s wrong if a girl wish to go  for a  night show with her friends. Why a girl or women has to change her likes and dislikes for the purpose of others. If a problem has to be eradicated only those who are creating it need to be changed. Why the victims need changes. What advice this society is having for boys or men to eliminate such problems of girls from the society.


2 thoughts on “Stop advising Girls

  1. This passionate post sheds light on the insincerity of the global village in the attempts to correct the ills. You are right in so many ways. If there is a menace to society, it sounds logical that it should be the perpetrators that should be corrected and not the victims. Unfortunately, when it comes to problems of this nature, maybe it better we prevent them rather than catch the offenders. This is one where prevention is better than cure. There really is no cure and probably no closure once an incident occurs. One incident is one too many.

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