Underground secrets

My heart is my  Underground place where I can hide my secrets. It maybe my valuables or maybe  awful character of mine. As many  I also felt as I should earn good name with others. I even tried for that . When I  worked to earn good name from others I have to carry the good and bad opinion others had about me. I have to feel good for they’re likes and cry for they’re dislikes , that makes my underground place , that’s my heart very dirty one.  But when time passes I understood being good to all is not possible or to be good to all I have to cheat myself .

My expectations of everyone around me has to understand me correctly is not going to happen so I decided  to remain as what I am I don’t want to change anything for others whoever they maybe.  I decided it is enough only those who accept me as what I am can remain with me. Now I have only few people around me that’s my sweet family and lovable friends but they are my hope and they are my world who are making my underground place, very lovely one.
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