Want to see the Devil

         ( An incident in Swami Vivekananda’s Life)

 I had seen many parents saying to their children as devil will catch them if they do naughty . I didn’t used those words to my children as I believe scaring children often may make them timid. But scaring children in the name of devil definitely don’t want to scare or make them timid. Through an incident I learned sometimes it may make a child very strong and confident.

       I read an incident happened in the life of swami Vivekananda , as a boy Narendra(Swami Vivekananda) was very naughty. He used to play with his friends on a tree . He and his friends used to climb on branches of the tree. The owner of the tree got irritated of the children’s activity and to make them scare he told ‘ there is a devil on the tree it will catch them if they continue playing in it. All the friends of Narendra got afraid and left the place but  Narendra continued his play the owner of the tree got surprised and asked why he didn’t left the tree. Narendra replied, he wants to see the devil so he is waiting in the tree. As no devil came he called his friends again and continued to play in that tree. (I read  this incident in the tamil book, ‘ Rare incidents in life of Swami Vivekananda’ ) 

         This incident shows the willpower of Narendra, and it teaches children if we have strong willpower no external sources can affect us.


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