An incident in Swami Vivekananda’s Life

        While Swami Vivekananda was traveling in a train two educated young men were sitting opposite to him. By seeing Vivekananda’s look as a saint  They thought he will be uneducated and spoke disgracefully about him in English . They decided he cannot understand their language. Swami Vivekananda didn’t elicit his emotions he remained silently. After sometimes when the train stopped in a station Swami Vivekananda called the station master and asked water to him in English. 

      Seeing this, both men were ashamed of themselves. They realized Swami Vivekananda had remained silent even after understanding what they spoke. They don’t know how to react to  their mistake. Here Swami Vivekananda has elicit to them through his actions. This incident shows being calm till we get the right time is more powerful than reacting immediately.


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