What is needed to success

When the Mahabharata war was about to start. Arjuna from Pandavas and Thuriyothana from Gauravas went to Krishna to seek his help. Being a pungent person with having a strong effect on mind and being clever and direct,  Krishna knew about both of them very well, so he gave a choice and led them to take their own decision. Krishna  kept himself one side and his army force on the other side and asked them to choose. Thuriyothana is a greedy person and he knows  Krishna’s army force is powerful and also Krishna has promised earlier that he will not fight in the war , so he asked for the army force of Krishna. 

Arjuna the clean hearted man told ‘ Krishna I am not worried about the success or failure I always want you to be with me ‘ . Even with the powerful army force and great warriors on their side Gauravas loose the war because of the cleverness of Krishna. Its not only the physical strength but also the mental strength decided the success of that war.


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