Ice cream Good or bad

As far as I know no one hate ice cream, especially children love it. My eldest daughter used to ask me , ” mummy I am feeling like getting cold I want ice cream”  for her ice cream is the best medicine for cold. I believe it’s our negative thought that will make us dull than any disease so I won’t deny ice cream to my children at any season(of course I will give them home remedies for cold) Now I got another good reason to give ice cream to my children.

    I read in an magazine(y magazine Oman) recent study from Japan shows ice cream for breakfast makes us smarter. It was mentioned test subjects that had eaten ice cream immediately after waking up has put through serious of mental exercise on a computer, compared to the group that had not eaten ice cream these subjects exhibited faster reaction time and better information processing capabilities.

         I had seen many of my friends don’t allow their children to have ice cream as its  responsiveness of the mother to take care of their children’s health. This can be a sweet reason for the children to ask ice cream to their mothers. But the thing is, do the children can able to eat ice cream for breakfast while they are rushing to school.

      Whether eating ice cream makes children smart or not as a mother I will allow my children to have ice cream any time any day as they like, as there’s only one childhood to enjoy.🍦


10 thoughts on “Ice cream Good or bad

  1. Well,glucose (sugar) it’s the food of the brain, and our cells, so any meal with sugar or Carbohydrates such as fruit, bread pasta and cereals are common sources of glucose. So a glass of orange juice can have the same effect, so I imagine indulging a child with ice cream for breakfast it’s not a healthy habit, despite the study, fruit it’s probably a better habit. πŸ™‚

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  2. Ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea as far as I’m concerned, and we are never too old for it! Enjoy it, let the kids enjoy it. If ice cream makes us smarter, that’s even better! I agree, it’s our thoughts that affect our health. Good post πŸ‘πŸ½

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