Who are Parents

         ” A father forcing his teen daughter into prostitution, a 17-year-old girl violently beaten by her mother and many more disturbing stories marked 2016 in Oman,” These are the starting lines of an article in a daily newspaper in Oman, I know its happening not only here, In spite of their gender children are abused everywhere sometimes  because of  or by parents. While many parents are celebrating children as  blessings in their life, how some parents  abuse their children .  What surprises me is how a mother who can feel a soul growing inside her inch by inch every month  can make it to suffer. 

          Thanks to the good hearts who are protecting children from these kind of situations by creating awareness and providing helpline numbers.  I feel  to eradicate this problem we should also  make more and more people as selfless humans along with creating awareness among children.


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