Thank you Friends 

  I was pleasantly surprised to see  One more Blogger Recognition Award from Sumi Nath and one Versatile Blogger Award from Susmitha Mukherjee,  thank you so much friends for nominating my blog, I am overwhelmed with happiness.

I request my blogger friends to visit, philosophical writer Sumi Nath’s  blog,’ Men Mystiques n Mysticism   she writes wonderful articles about purpose and meaning of life. And I also request you to visit creative writer Susmita Mukherjee’s   blog, ‘ Uniquesus  where she posts her insightful creations of poems and stories.

Rules for Versatile Blogger Award
1. You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.

2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice

3. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
4. Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominees for versatile Blogger Award





Love it Now






Simple Joys


Thank you so much friends for your support and encouragement.


18 thoughts on “Thank you Friends 

  1. Congratulations! 😊
    And Thank you for the nomination..It’s such an honor! I’ll be glad to write a post on this. But I’m having my exams next week. Once I’m done with my exams, I’ll surely write a post to express my happiness and gratitude!😊

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