Girls Be Aware

        Girls be aware of men around you, whether he maybe your father’s friend or mother’s relative. Girls don’t go alone at late night whether you maybe having a special class or overtime in office.  Girls don’t go alone anywhere from your hometown and be careful about your dressing , you don’t know how many eyes are seeing you. Oh Girls your safety is very important, more than your career or dreams, more than your passion or small small wishes you have to concentrate only in your safety. Because if you have to face any misery or hardship there’s thousands of voice raise against you saying, you are responsible.

     And my dear boys be happy, as usual do whatever you like, because there is always a girl behind you to be punished for your mistakes.

Daily prompt:Aware


36 thoughts on “Girls Be Aware

  1. Whenย the all property an surname of father belongs to sons..all thing is given to sonโ€™s..then why when is about there so called respect or โ€œโ€izzatโ€โ€ all the responsibilityโ€‹ is of a girl..why??
    If she choses a guys herself for marriage then why all blame the grls.the family of girl blame there daughter an in laws blame there doughter in law..why she is only responsible ..even the boys who loves that girl is equally responsible for that marriage

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