Expectation of a Parent

In today’s Times of Oman newspaper, I read a news that says as board exams are nearing it is parents who are more stressful than children. The news says seven out of ten calls coming to hotline for counselling is from parents. Many parents expectations is that their children should fetch hundred marks in all the subjects.We can feel what is wrong in this , as a parents they expect their children should get more marks so that they can get good career and their future will be bright. But the report says, stressful parents transfer it to their children’s too.

     I read an information about Edison , after joining school in few months his teacher said he’s not a normal child .  As his mother is a teacher she trained him from home . His parents encouraged him to read more books. Edison’s parents didn’t compelled him for marks, degree or career. They gave him encouragement. Edison did hard work in the way he liked he has became one among the  important persons born in this world. 

   From the above incidents I feel I have to learn myself what kind of mother I am going to be, whether I am going to dump my expectations to my children or I am going to let my children to live their dreams. 

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14 thoughts on “Expectation of a Parent

  1. That’s a very rational decision. Parents have become very competitive and they often force their children into things that are neither suitable to their demeanor, nor to their age. And there is way too much emphasis on marks. It may not be entirely patents’ fault, but we as parents can probably make a conscious and constant effort towards ensuring that our children are free of the tension that we thrust on them. Let them live their childhood. There’s plenty of time to play catch up later in life. And as Edison has proven, school education is not what makes you great.

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  2. There’s a saying that “A parent can take no more credit for a child’s achievements than they can for their failures.” I like that phrase because most of us have seen families with extremely successful children and very unsuccessful children as well – both raised by the same parents, in the same house! Parents guide you as you grow but you decide who you are going to be. Ultimately, success, character, and integrity have to be the choice and responsibility of the individual. Of those, I believe integrity to the most important – if a parent can model that conviction, I think they’ve done most of what is required. Anyways…I don’t even have kids yet. But it’s good to think ahead! πŸ™‚

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