Death necessarily can’t be a punishment

My dear brother I like learning, I like to learn from everything around me , I like to learn from every person around me but I never thought to learn something from you, its not because you are younger to me it’s because  of the possession I had  as my brother. But your death taught me many valuable lessons .

         You taught the power of selfless love, the love you had on the people around you whoever they can be, had made you to live in their hearts forever. I can’t even see one person here who can talk about you without tears.
         You had shown how a successful life will be, you proved its not money and education that’s going to decide success in life. It is only love, kindness and good habits that decides how successful our life is. 

          You had proved, a good life is not depends on how much days we are living, it depends on how we are living even though the days are less. You really lived a meaningful and successful life. You really achieved great success in your life and earned good name to our parents simply because of selfless love you had on peoples around you.

           You taught death necessarily can’t be a punishment, sometimes it can be a blessing. I feel God has the right to take back the soul he has given if he feels that soul has finished its duty and that soul don’t want to suffer more in this earth.

       Now I learned to travel in your path……………


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