Blogger Awards

Its again an award time after a short while. I am excited to get five nominations in short period,  thank you so much for showing your love in form of awards. I really feel wonderful as I had made some impression here that made you to nominate for these awards. I had these nominations(except one) nearly a month ago, apologies for making it late.

      I am happy to receive two mystery blogger awards, first one is from Adashof Jhaee I thank her for nominating me to the mystery blogger award. Adashof Jhaee  blog is filled with beautiful photographs and excitement post along with famous quotes, I request my fellow bloggers to visit her blog.

Second one is from young poetic writer Sotzlajanger  I request you to visit her blog that will excite you with  aesthetic photographs and meaningful poems.

Next I want to thank Updownflight from Bird Flight for libster blogger award, I request my fellow bloggers to visit her blog where she shares her thoughts and experience that will really interest you.

My Fourth nomination is also for Liebster Blogger Award this time it came from Hussein Allan his blog General Topics   that makes our thoughts to provoke with reality facts, I request my blogger friends to visit his blog.

My next nomination is from motivational writer, Mehul singla I request my fellow bloggers to do visit his  life in progress blog that is filled with inspiring posts.
 I take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this journey of mine possible with your valuable likes and comments.

I am feeling blessed to dedicate this memorable moment to my brother Karthik  who’s blessing me with wonderful happenings around. Your traces are always felt by us my dear brother.



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