Smile is an universal medicine can able to relieved us from our distress, especially when it comes from a stranger it makes us comfort. Smile is a symbol of humanity. A smile that comes from a unknown person in a new place makes to feel us as it is our place too. In today’s world when this beautiful earth is divided by artificial boundaries smile place an important role. 

Smiling moon cools our mind and soul

Smile is a weapon that destroys all our invisible enemies . Yes I accept there’s some people who give fake smile , why we want to care about that fake people when everything in nature can smile on us truly.

Daily prompt:Relieved


34 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Nice post Subba. I cannot resist the temptation to put my thoughts on it.

    Smile makes your day while a frown spoils one.
    Smile opens many a closed door whereas a frown even shuts an open door.
    Smile without expecting a return smile
    for some forget to smile back
    trying to recollect whether they know you.
    If you want to smile at a distant loved one
    Smile at the moon together
    the moon will beam back your smiles
    and bring you close together…

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