Successful Stories

        People who succeeded in life are not born as winners. They are created as they are, by their parents, teachers, friends and society all knew this, but there are certain group of people who are  really responsible for the success of a person are hidden behind ,  these very important people are those who criticized them hurted them badly .
     Yes, I feel we all will accept this truth. Behind the success of a person there will be number of criticism and hurts.  Success story of any person would not be finished without hurts and criticism, those who criticize can be a teacher, relatives, neighbours, classmates or anyone. They are the real motivators. 

    Nothing will motivate us better than a hurt. Persons who Changed their criticisms , hurts and disgrace into success  are successful peoples now and  their stories are written in papers of books to motivate others whereas peoples who criticised them are now busy in criticising others, thanks to those people who are hurting others because by doing so they are planting a seed for success in others heart.

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