Where Humanity Exists

  Humanity is a magnet that attracts humans to live on earth. Sometimes you may doubt where humanity exists in today’s world. Lots of fake peoples around us, wars between countries that kills humans.  You can tell, ‘ I can’t find humanity though I search in many places.” I can definitely tell, you searched in wrong place.

     Search for humanity inside you . You can find more than enough of what you want. Take it as much you want and spread it to people around you so that they will also spread to others. Now we can strongly say humanity still lives and will live forever.

Daily prompt:Magnet


15 thoughts on “Where Humanity Exists

  1. You are a very kindly soul who sees positive in the evil around us. Unfortunately I’m fast losing faith in humanity. I wrote about it two days back too, how we can’t stop at what we need and must keep pillaging at the cost of other lives. But maybe, just maybe, people like you can still save humanity.

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      1. I understand. And I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that kind of depression and sense of disenchantment. Yes, I hope that humanity lives in people or else whats the point of it all. More power to them

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