Planet Earth

Our mother built a house , with all her hard work , knowledge and wisdom for her children to live in .  That house gives everything as food , shelter, love,kindness, happiness, knowledge and health. Children shared the house happily. As years went selfishness and greedy started entering the mind of some  children. Some closed their door, some destroyed other’s place for their comfortable living. Some toiled the house for luxury living. 

         Seeing all these mother warned, sometimes punished children for their mistakes . As years went, the house was not as good as before, now the children got scared as where they can have their happy future as there’s only one house, in this whole milky way we can’t get another. Now children realized everyone in this home is the children of same mother and all have equal share.   They found only way to rejuvenate the house is love. Sharing love towards each other in this house is the only way that bring back this house as a place of happiness.

Daily prompt: Planet


27 thoughts on “Planet Earth

  1. Hi Subbashini,

    yes we have to unite with common goal, to share positive energy, and love, and kindness over the globe. With so much negative energy,we must share positive energy and fight for better planet .

    Thank you

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  2. What a beautiful drawing! Yes, we have the world in our hands, and we live in natures home, so it is so hard, but we have to take care of it, so that it will take care of us. If you’d like check out my recent poetry on the environment,

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