Little Sea Shell

          I am a little sea shell, came out of the sea. As it is my dream to see the outside world. I wished to feel the cool breeze, birds voice, smell of flowers . I wished to explore my new world here. But after coming here I found a difficulty, every time you people passes me, you won’t notice me. You walk carelessly, as sometimes you hurt me by stamping me. Your step, sometimes burry me deep inside makes for me tough to come out. Sometimes it hurts me heavy, sometimes it may crush me. All because of your careless step. But you won’t mind that, you won’t hear me even if I shout. 
          You blame only me, you tell its my mistake to come out of my nest, my comfort zone, that’s my safety place. You never change, you never learn to walk carefully. Because of you people, all my dreams shattered and now my safety has became my first priority. That is the state of me and girls in this world.

Daily prompt: Nest


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