Inhumanity – Destroy it.

   Each and every thing , created in this universe has a particular duty of it. The Sun and the moon, the stars and the sky. Trees and birds, Ocean and land anything didn’t changed its duty , didn’t transformed its character. It is only humans who forget our duty, changed our character. 

        I feel spreading humanity is our duty, the only way that purify our soul, fulfil the reason for our birth. But now we are in the situation , to teach humanity only to humans. We have to learn we are the children of the same mother. Whatever be our colour, whatever be our living place, whatever be the language we speak, we are one as humans the children of one mother, the nature. Someone in some place cannot enjoy the sunrise when someone at some other place is shedding blood. We have to join hands to destroy inhumanity. (  May the souls of peoples who lost their lives in Egypt Rest in peace. I pray the almighty, to give strength to the families who lost their loved ones in this attack. )

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