Wordless Wednesday-Travel

No travel (of life) is made in a clear way, it is traveller’s duty to have a clear vision (about life) to get a smooth travel.


24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Travel

  1. Hi Subbashini,

    just like in the movie Alice in Wonderland when she reached the intersection and she asked a rabbit :
    ” Which way to choose”
    and he asked
    “Where do you want to get?”
    Alice answered:
    “I do not know”,
    the rabbit told her:
    “If you do not know where you want to arrive, it does not matter which way you will choose”!

    If we don’t have a clear vision, it does not matter which life path we will choose 🙂

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  2. Very well said. Short and to the point. Makes sense.

    I am just 2 posts old here. Loving it when I come across such good posts like that of your.

    Pls do drop by my blog and let me know your views. Would like to be followed by a writer such as you. Would love to follow your work.

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