Grand Mosque – Muscat

Grand Mosque is one of the loveliest, important and must visit place in Muscat. I thought I am going to visit an important and beautiful place in Muscat during my first visit of Grand Mosque. Only after visiting , I realized this place is very special apart from all its beauty and that’s the reason I visited and will be keep on visiting there several times.

Grand Mosque welcomes us with trees and plants carrying beautiful flowers. It is the female prayer room that can be visited first , though it is very beautiful its the peace prevailing there adds beauty to it.

Next visual treat is in male prayer room. It has many wonders like hand made carpet, beautiful chandeliers ( As I read from internet, the carpet there is the second largest single piece hand made carpet in the world, it has 28 colours of different shades and the chandeliers at the centre is the second largest in the world.)

Grand Mosque is surely a visual treat and a great gift to photographic lovers. But above all, I can say it is the place where we can feel the presence of almighty, that will be the real treat to our soul.

( Visiting hours of Grand Mosque is upto 11 a.m. visitors are not allowed on Fridays. Elders should follow the dress code.)

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