Wordless Wednesday- Happy Journey

Life can reveal its beauty at any moment, do not get fatigued in the middle, continue the journey.


30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Happy Journey

      1. Use fixative spray after you finish your sketch to prevent it from smudging. The effects in canvas have tempted me to dry it. But won’t storing the canvases be a problem? And is it cost effective?

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      2. You are truly selfless person, because of you I got back my old interest. Now you showed me a new way. Thank you so much and lots of love. Yes storing too much canvas will definitely be a problem, I feel it is affordable available in different sizes. Its my dream from childhood to draw in canvas as we see it in films so I bought this. Whether continue or not have to be decided. But I love drawing in it. It is different feel and experience than doing in paper.


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