Nature always speaks in one language – kindness, when we humans can’t understand it, we say it unlikely.

Weekly photo challenge: Unlikely


30 thoughts on “Unlikely

  1. Hi Subbashini,

    I agree with you. Nature has its own language and we should learn it. In the nature are all answers . The more we understand the nature the more we will understand our nature. Stay blessed

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  2. Nature is bountiful and kind…and even as we humans continue to plunder it, it forgives us and keeps showering us with rain, food and air…while its own wounds inflicted by humans are growing!
    Did you click this pic?

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  3. Lovely depth of meaning in your words. That tree which randomly grows from a wall of rock and sand seems very unlikely, but alas, it is there. Such as our gift of kindness. There are so many people disconnected from this power of ours. Thank you for the reminder.


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