Hospital Gate

I am a hospital gate 

Daily I am seeing many faces,

Some known faces  

Many unknown faces 

Some known faces frequently going in and coming out to carry out their divine duty

Many unknown faces going in with pain and cry 

Some will go with confidence in pain 

Some will go in cry for other’s pain

In those who are going in 

Some will come out soon without pain

Some will come out late without pain

Some will go late forever 

I watch everything standing as a ,dormant forever.

Daily prompt:Gate

Daily prompt: Dormant



Dear soil

Sometimes you makes plants to grow in you

Sometimes you makes weeds to grow in you

Sometimes you makes the place healthy

Sometimes you makes the place dirty

Sometimes when water mixed with you, you turn into beautiful statue

Sometimes when you mixed with water you becomes muddy

Sometimes you makes us to feel happy

Sometimes you makes us to cry

On the whole you becomes how we treat you  and teach us many lessons

On my special day I thank you for giving your place to me while breathing and even after that.

Daily prompt:Soil


Nature always has a good tailor to stitch every tear in life, but selecting him is our choice. Always don’t need some miracle to solve our problems. The small things around left unnoticed by us sometimes can bring great happiness. Even a bumblebees can be our healer only if we are ready to accept it.

Daily prompt:Bumble

Daily prompt: Tailor


Getting angry upon others is easy but forgiving others mistakes needs a grit.

Getting jealousy upon others  growth is easy but appreciating them needs a grit.

Getting wealth or property by anyway is easy but being honest at any situation needs a grit.  

Getting dissatisfaction on life is easy, living a satisfied life definitely needs a grit.  

Daily prompt: Grit