Black and White Photo Challenge

I was challenged by a kind hearted writer of ‘ myexpressionofthoughtsblog‘ for black and white photo challenge.

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Black Night

Thank you black dark night, it is only you, who shows the presence  of the shining stars and the beauty of the moon in this mighty universe.

It is only you, who makes us to taste the sweet of calm and peace in this noisy busy world.

It is you, who gives compulsory rest to worrying mind that always makes itself to worry about the past and the future.

It is you, who creates happy and peaceful moment to all the creatures in this earth.

It is you who gives the place for the light to start its journey.

It is only you who taught us darkness also have beauty and more meaning in it only if we realize.
Daily prompt: Black

Seven Days Black and White Photos-Day 1

I was challenged by my friend ‘myexpressionofthoughtsblog‘ for a challenge of a “Seven Days black and white photos of your life”.  As a nature lover I share this lovely moon today.

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Challenge someone new each day.

Today I nominate ‘ radhikasreflection  . ,Radhika ma’am blog is filled with beautiful poems and inspiring post where she shares some of her beautiful photographs( though there is no compulsion).

Temporary- WPC

I told to these birds, ‘ it is lovely to watch you having pleasant stay in these buildings, and filling our mornings with your chirping sounds’.

The birds replied, ‘ you humans has destroyed trees, to build your concrete houses, this can only be a temporary stay for us. Only trees can be our permanent and happy place ever.’

Weekly Photo Challenge: 


Dancing in Rhythm

The Sun and the moon. The stars and the earth. The Trees and plants, and the birds and flowers. Everything in the universe, from huge to tiny is dancing exactly in the rhythm given to it by almighty. It is the humans who miss the rhythm often sometimes human creates their own rhythm, and so everything goes wrong.   That’s the reason, God is ordering for humans to dance from the beginning again and again until we dance correctly in his rhythm.

Daily prompt: Dancing