Death is a reprieve for a soul until it starts its next travel from a new physical body in its endless journey.

Daily prompt:Reprieve


Trust yourself

Failure from a hopeful hard work, disloyalty from a person we trusted, loss of our close relatives and many uncomfortable  situations may led us to feel like adrift in an ocean. I feel those critical situation  is the times that we have to strongly  trust ourselves.  The light that comes from our inner self can only show us the correct way .If we decides we can travel,  We can find out the purpose of our journey.

Daily prompt: Adrift

Life of ocean

In this life of ocean, as an unmoored vessel I started my journey going in the direction taken away by the desire of waves .  I can reach my destination of eternity only if  I have my fin of control. Or else if I get attracted by the external attraction of unwanted desires and loose my control the vessel of I may get collapsed and can’t reach the destination until the soul of mine get another vessel.

Daily prompt:Unmoored