Glorious Life

Glorious life can’t be attained by misusing the power or by cheating someone. It also can’t be attained by pleading or favouring someone. It can just be attained by doing our own duty without expecting anything from anyone.

                                Taught by Glorious Sun

Daily prompt: Glorious



Flavorful Dish

    Everyone likes flavorful dish. But we all likes different flavor, no one’s taste is similar. So I can’t decide my favourite dish from another person’s suggestion (inspite of how close the person is to me). Also flavor of a dish can’t be seen, it can only be felt. So whether food is flavorful or not can’t be decided by its look. I have to taste it, to know whether I like it or not. 
          I feel the same happens with people. I should not decide character of a person with other’s suggestion or by just seeing a person. I need to know about the person before making my own decision .

Daily prompt: Flavorful

Take care

I saw you from distance, thorn, you looked so beautiful from there

I thought you will feel sad, by standing alone here 

I came near to you and touched you with caring

And because of that I got hurt and it started bleeding

And now I realized its your nature, where I have to beware

This is how some people will be there, where we have to take care.

Daily prompt:Thorny

Inner Voice

     For any person obeying or disobeying a voice, from whoever it maybe is depend upon one’s own wish and situation.  But any person should not disobey to one voice , its one’s own inner voice. It is not same to everyone,  it also will not give same suggestions all the time. But it is always right. The main reason for our problems in life is I feel, disobeying the voice inside us. This is the only voice that we can always trust. We can hear that voice anytime at anyplace if we wish. 

         It is a neutral voice without any stumbling, it always tell the truth . If we want a life with peace and satisfaction we have to listen to our inner voice.  

Daily prompt: Disobey